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The holiday season is upon us, which means a lot of us have already put the Christmas tree up. If you celebrate Christmas and you couldn’t wait to put your tree up, we know the feeling! Although, once the tree is up, it’s important to follow these Christmas tree safety tips to help you stay safe and avoid the need to file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance.

Fire Safety

The number one safety issue every year with Christmas trees is the chance of fire. These fires are easily preventable though if you follow this simple checklist:

  • Choose a healthy and recently cut tree, because fresh trees hold moisture better. To test this, you can run your hand over a branch, and only a few pine needles should fall off. If too many fall off, the tree isn’t as fresh.


  • Cut off a half inch from the trunk when you get home, and place the tree in a bucket of water until you’re ready to bring it inside.


  • Once the tree is up inside your home, make sure it’s stable in its stand and that it won’t tip over, and be sure to water it regularly.


  • Use lights that are specially rated for indoor use that don’t create heat, such as LED lights, when it comes to decorating the tree. These lights are perfect if you need a suggestion.


  • If you plug in multiple strands of Christmas lights, try plugging them into separate electrical outlets in your home. Also be sure not to use electric lights if you are using a fake Christmas tree made of metal.


  • Unplug any and all Christmas lights before leaving your home or going to bed at night.


  • Keep the Christmas tree at least three feet away from any candles or your fireplace.


There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree coming home, and additionally, there’s nothing like getting to enjoy holiday decorating with your friends and family. Remember to follow these tips, and you can have a safe, and very happy holiday season. It’s important to have insurance in place though in case of an emergency to help you stay safe from worry. If you have any questions on your insurance, or you want to call in to discuss your options or choices, click the banner below to contact us today!