• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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1. Make a record of what you have

Every home owner needs to make a quick 20-30 minute video of the contents of their house not only to prove what they had, but in the unlikely event that something happens, the video will remind you of what you lost so you can file a complete insurance claim. Make sure you upload your video to the internet or store it in your safety deposit box.

2. Make sure your insurance covers your collection

Some individuals like to collect unique items. Contact your agent and ask if your collections are covered before it’s too late. 

3. Get full replacement value coverage

As mentioned above, if you own any antiques, you should get the full replacement value coverage. A lot of items depreciate over time and if you would like to get the full amount that the value is actually worth, it’s a good decision to get the coverage. You can buy full value replacement coverage for 20% or so more per year, just ask your insurance agent.

4. Make sure you have enough coverage

You may have enough coverage for when you buy the house but as the years go by, people buy more equipment, clothes, furniture, etc. Make sure you’re not under covered. Every year or so take a look at all the new things you have and make sure you have enough contents insurance.

5. Put digital copies of your photos and movies online

Odds of your house burning down, or having a flood maybe 5% but being prepared might make your life easier. Save your photos and movies to an online website like Google Documents, so if a disaster does occur, you can claim every bit of stuff you lost.

-Paradiso Insurance Team