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The extreme heat should have everyone being a little extracautious in terms of fire safety. I think it’s safe to say that a house firecan be one of the worst tragedies for any family to experience.  Losing your prized possessions and anyother important items can be devastating for anyone, however having the right CT insurance may be the positive lift you may need in your time of struggle. Thosethat especially need to hear this are those that live in rented out homes orapartments, since there’s a big difference in your coverage policies.

Tenants, or those that don’t own their home or apartment(otherwise known as renters) have the ability to investing in a Connecticut renters’ policy with Paradiso Insurance that will covertheir belongings and possessions inside their place of residence.  Since you don’t own the property orstructure that you inhabit, you only have to have coverage that insures what’sinside your home or apartment.  Letyour landlord handle the rest.

So if you’re a renter, there’s an CT insurance for renters policy for you! If you think that because you rentinstead of own that you don’t qualify for coverage, but you’re wrong! We havethe coverage for your! Do everything in your power to make sure your apartmentor home is fire safe. And just incase, have that insurance policy completed.