• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Running your own business is no small task.  Countless hours must be spent in order to insure that your life’s hard work hasn’t been wasted.  Every aspect of your company should be checked and tweaked just like a car engine to guarantee it operates at its highest performance.   One of these key aspects to assure your business is covered and working smoothly is Employment Practices Liability Insurance. 

Here are some common questions regarding EPLI:

  • What exactly is Employment Practices Liabilities Insurance?

EPLI provides protection for an employer against claims made by former, present, or potential employees.

  • What does it cover?

It covers any discrimination accusation (age, sex, race, etc.), wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and any other employment- related allegations.

  • Who does it cover?

EPLI covers your entire firm, including any Directors and Officers.

  • When does my firm need EPLI?

You need EPLI as soon as your business starts to hire employees.  Most if not all investors or directors will require that your business has it!

  • Why does your business need EPLI?

These cases can happen to any firm! It is estimated now that three out of five firms will have at least one employee sue them. Even if the claim is groundless or fraudulent, the defense of a suit can be expensive in time, resources and financially.

So whether your business has two employees or two hundred, you need to be covered in case any employee decides to take action against your company! Pick up the phone and call a member of the Paradiso Team to make sure you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance.  860.684.5270