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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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[Updated on 5/14] As summer approaches, more and more of us will be hitting the trails to feel the thrill that dirtbikes and ATVs bring. Especially after being cooped up indoors, getting the blood pumping is a welcome reprieve. However, before you head out to kick up some dirt, is that expensive new bike or ATV protected?

Gear Check 

Sure, you may have upgraded your suspension to handle all the gnarly rides and you have your helmet with all the latest safety features. But what happens when a rock wreaks havoc on your engine or drivetrain or a bush tears off plastic pieces? Those pieces aren’t cheap. Even worse, what happens if someone decides to steal your bike while you are grabbing a bit to eat. Ouch.

The good news is the answer is simple. Dirtbike and ATV insurance can protect your toys. 

Coverage for Your Dirt Bike 

With all the different uses for these types of bikes, you’ll want to make sure you ride protected. Check out some coverages that apply to motocross and dirt bikes.

Bodily injury & property damage liability

Automatically included and pays for any damage you could cause to other bikes, property (signs, fences, etc.) and injuries you cause to other riders. Plus, this can also help you pay for legal expenses if you’re sued.

Comprehensive & collision

Comprehensive pays for damages from events out of your control like hitting an animal, vandalism, and even covers dirt bike theft. Collision will pay to repair or replace your bike if it is damaged in an accident, regardless of fault.

Total loss coverage

Available for newer motorcycles. If your bike is totaled in a covered accident, this coverage will provide full manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a new bike, minus any deductible.


Just a reminder that your dirtbike or ATV is not covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. So don’t if you think you can squeak by without a policy for those toys, it’s ill-advised. Also, your dirtbike policy provides for more than just if the bike is damaged. 

Remember, that liability coverage protects you if you cause damage to property or another person. Otherwise, you’ll be shelling out the cash for medical bills and your friend’s new bike out of pocket if an accident occurs and you have no coverage. 

Ride Hard, But Ride Safe

The thrill of living on the edge, the whiplash-inducing speed, the excitement of dodging the trees and rocks that block your path. If you own an off-road vehicle, chances are that you enjoy living on the edge. However, insurance is something you should absolutely consider. Whether you are tearing through the woods on an ATV or hitting the sand pits with your bike, your off-road vehicle needs to be protected. 

Here at Paradiso Insurance, we want you to enjoy the fun ATVs and dirtbikes bring. However, your safety is our top priority. Our fun-loving insurance experts can recommend a protection plan for all types of outdoor lovers, from dirtbikes to RVs, we have you covered. We have experience covering tons of riders in the New England area.

Ready to shred? Before you do, make sure you have all your dirt biking essentials. Braap. 

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