• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:earthquake insurance

logoYou can probably count on one hand the amount of times we have talked about earthquakes and how CT homeowners insurance policy holders are affected by them. But today is different, because that’s EXACTLY what we are talking about due to the earthquake, albeit a small one, that hit central Connecticut this morning.

Now there obviously isn’t a very high risk of earthquakes here in Connecticut compared to say, California, but nevertheless, they do occur, as was evident this morning, and they could certainly cause damage to Connecticut homes and businesses. The main point is however- if your ct homeowners insurance doesn’t have the extra coverage for an earthquake, then you would have to eat that cost on your own unfortunately.

So what does this all mean then? Well, perhaps you may want to give a second thought to some extra coverage for your CT homeowners insurance policy. Yes, we understand that the risk for flooding, or a hurricane, or a blizzard from the upcoming winter (that’s a thought I don’t even want to entertain right now) is far more likely to occur in the Nutmeg State, but as we just saw this morning… even a quake can occur!

It can’t hurt to at least research a policy addition, right? It could be the smartest thing you do this week. Having the best and most comprehensive coverage for your home is vital to the financial survival of you and your family.