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Halloween is a fun time for kids and their families to enjoy, between dressing up, trick or treating, and other activities such as pumpkin carving, it’s no wonder that kids look forward to this time of year.

Of course, your children aren’t the only ones who can celebrate Halloween. In fact, your furry family members have the opportunity to as well!

Here is our list of the top pet Halloween costumes perfect for your feline or canine friends.

Fun Food Themed Halloween Pet Costumes


Cupcakes are sweet, and if your lovable pooch has a sweet attitude, dress them up as a cupcake this year! Pair it with your own chef costume for a fun and family friendly night on the town.


If you’re looking to make people laugh this Halloween, dress your dog up as a banana. Even better, banana costumes are available for humans too. This way you can match with your pooch accordingly.  

Hot Dog

Do you own a Dachshund? This hot dog costume is perfect for them!


Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins, so why not dress your pooch in this fun and cute pumpkin costume?

Fun Character Themed Halloween Pet Costumes


Most kids love to dress up as cowboys for Halloween, and this year your dog can too. This cowboy costume is great for smaller dogs who love to run around.


If your pup or even feline has a bit of a personality, why not dress them up as a pirate? Pirates are another common favorite for Halloween, and this pirate costume comes with hands to make it look all the more realistic.


This is a fun option for larger dogs with a light colored coat. This lion costume comes with a neck piece and tail attachment. There’s even a fun lion costume for your cat too.


If your family is a fan of superheroes and planning to dress up as their favorite characters, why not dress your dog up in this superman costume? It’s a fun way to get the whole family festive for Halloween.


Felines and witches go together in old spooky Halloween tales, and while you won’t want to bring your cat out to Trick or Treat, you can still dress them up in this witch costume for a fun, family picture session.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there, there are tons of fun things you can dress your pets as for Halloween, and if you’re looking to add a new pet into your household, check out our blog about adopting a pet by clicking the button below.

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