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2017 is finally here, and now’s the time when many of us decide to turn over a new leaf.

Moreover, even though 2016 may have declared “the worst year ever” from a lot of people, it certainly didn’t deter us from being positive and making an impact with our local community. Every year can have its downsides, but it’s certainly worthwhile to remember the positive things that came along with it.

So, what was our agency up to this year? Here’s our 2016 recap:

Denim in December

Before 2016 even started our agency was well on the way to giving back. Our staff were allowed to wear jeans all December as long as they contributed to a donation fund. All of the donations went to Journey Found, an organization that provides housing and other services to adults with developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.  

Butterflies for Jonathan

The beginning of the year was also spent helping out a local teenager named Jonathan Gionfriddo. Jonathan was born with a rare skin disease Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB; not only does this affect his well-being but it takes a toll on his family. This condition leaves Jonathan with extremely fragile and painful skin, making medical treatments expensive and time consuming.

So, Paradiso Insurance stepped up to the plate by starting the “Butterflies for Jonathan” campaign. People could come into our agency with monetary donations and we would hang paper butterflies from our windows. All donations went to the family to help them with their never ending expenses.

Bikes for Reading

During April, the agency worked with our local elementary school to raffle off bikes to children who completed 70 hours or more of reading. Not did we give back to our local community, but we became a huge motivation for kids to read!

Flag Day

During the week of June 13th we encouraged everyone to bring in old or damaged American Flags to have them properly disposed of. Additionally, we also gave away free flags and mounting kits to anyone who stopped by. It didn’t stop there either, on June 14th we brought the community together with a huge cook-out and festival.


Reverse Trick-or-Treat

During September and October we held a donation drive to benefit children at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

We collected toys, board games, crafts, costumes, project kits, and a variety of other goods that supported children who may not be able to have a traditional Halloween. We also encouraged other businesses to get involved and it was a major success!


Remembering 9/11

During the beginning of December our agency took an incredible trip to the big apple. Not only did we get to experience city life and sight see, but we paid our patriotic respects the the 9/11 memorial and museum in lower Manhattan. It was an incredible and breathtaking experience to be where the historical event had occurred.


Giving Back to Our Local Veterans

During the month of December we initiated a gift drive to give back to the family members of veterans who have and are currently serving. It was a major success as our office piled up with toys and other goods.

Additionally, we held another Denim in December event. Staff members paid to wear jeans and all the proceeds benefited our local veterans, this was just another way we supported our troops.

Our First Magazine Release

Our agency launched it’s first magazine! After months of hard work, planning, and writing we were able to produce content that captured a wide range of topics in the insurance world.  Each copy was $10 and all the proceeds went to benefiting Journey Found.

Colored Causes

Additionally, our staff wore different colors throughout the year to show our support for different causes such as:

Pink- for breast cancer awareness


Light Blue- to show support for the fight against diabetes


Red, White, and Blue- to show support for veterans on Veterans Day

Red- to show support for R.E.D Friday

Purple-  for pancreatic cancer awareness


What are some of your positive contributions and remembrances you had during 2016? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!