The Importance of Commercial Insurance

The Importance of Commercial Insurance
  • Post last modified:April 23, 2020
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At Paradiso Insurance, we understand how hard you have worked and still are working to build your business. Your Connecticut business is not only your livelihood, but a representation of what you love and what you stand for. Why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to protect your slice of the American Dream? Purchasing commercial insurance is the most effective way that you can do that. Since accidents happen, no matter how diligent you are, having commercial insurance is extremely important for maintaining your business. Anything from miscommunication and misunderstandings, to poor documentation, to an accidental oversight can lead to a legal nightmare. Even if your business is not found to be at fault, your company is still put at risk. With commercial insurance, these or other unexpected events don’t have to spell disaster for your business.


Still don’t think commercial insurance is important or applicable to your business? We’ve got plenty of examples of how professional liability claims have impacted businesses just like yours.

A customer was wearing glasses that were accidentally filled with the wrong prescription by his optometrist. Due to his blurred vision, this customer fell down the stairs and sustained injuries. He made a claim for an amount of $20,000 for treatment of his injuries.

A groomer nicked the tendon of a dog’s leg while shaving it. The dog’s owner made a claim to cover the veterinary treatment of their dog’s injuries costing the grooming business $3,800.

A freelance musician provided music for a commercial that an advertising company made for a major client. However, after the commercial aired, another musician claimed that the music was in fact her own and had been copied without her consent. The agency and its client were sued for $100,000 in a copyright infringement claim.

A man booked a trip around the world for himself and his wife and repeatedly mentioned that his wife needed handicapped access for the entire trip. However, when they arrived at one of their hotels, they found that it did not offer handicapped access. The agency had to reimburse the couple the $10,000 they spent to find other accommodations last minute.

A placement agency that was hired to fill a human resources position failed to recommend a qualified candidate. When the company had to terminate that person for lacking qualifications, they also hired an attorney to collect damages incurred by the situation, costing the placement agency over $175,000.

Who It’s For

Generally, if your business is based on providing professional services, advice, or recommendations, it is imperative that you have commercial insurance. Unintentional damages that could arise from the services you provide are covered by commercial insurance policies, and we can tailor a policy to meet the individual needs of your business. At Paradiso Insurance, we have all the tools necessary to build you the perfect policy that meets the specific needs and potential risks of your business. Since we are an independent agency, we can shop around to find you the best coverage and price! Whether you’re a hair stylist, florist, photographer, caterer, landscaper, or virtually any other kind of business owner, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to protect what matters most to you and help in any way we can. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss a commercial insurance policy for your business. We not only want to assist you by providing insurance, but also by helping your small business succeed. At Paradiso Insurance, we love promoting small, local business that truly provide quality goods and services. That’s why we’ve created our partner program! If you’re interested, you can contact us to become a partner and receive free marketing from our agency. We’ll post with visuals on social media, write a blog, and create a video all about your business. You’ll also be featured on our website! Contact us to become a Partner of Paradiso or for more information on commercial insurance!