• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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There are a lot of things that your homeowner’s insurance covers that you may not realize.  For example, if your mailbox gets knocked over by flying debris in a storm, it’s covered.  If your roof collapses after a neighbor’s tree lands on it, you’re covered.  Even if your neighbor falls on your driveway while coming to talk to you about that tree, you’re covered!  However, when it comes to your motor vehicles like your car, your homeowner’s insurance will NOT cover any damage to them- even if they are in your garage.

Couple sitting in back of car

Exclusions on Your Homeowner’s Policy

Most motor vehicles are excluded from coverage on standard homeowner’s policies.  You will need to have the correct corresponding insurance policy for your motor vehicles to have insurance coverage.  Autos need to have auto coverage and motorcycles need to have motorcycle coverage.  Golf carts are sometimes excluded from your homeowner’s coverage as well.  Even your RV can have its own coverage.

The only motor vehicles that may be covered are those little electric “Barbie” jeeps your kids like to drive around the yard.  However, your homeowner’s coverage probably does not cover them if they leave your premises.  So if your child likes to take her Barbie jeep down the road to visit her friends and she runs over the neighbor’s pet in the process, you will be paying out of your pocket for the damages.  Make sure your kids are extra careful when they venture out past the front yard.

We’re Here to Help With Questions

If you have any other questions about what your homeowner’s insurance covers and what it does not, we can certainly clarify your concerns.   It is important to know what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers!  AtParadiso Insurance, we’re committed to covering both your home and auto insurance needs. Give us a call today at [astPhone], and we can talk about your current policy to see if you could stand to have any additional insurance coverage. *