You are currently viewing The Benefits of Having a Connecticut Independent Insurance Agent

In today’s very competitive insurance market, making decisions without the guidance of a licensed insurance professional can cost you thousands of dollars—and even more.

Your home … your car … your peace of mind … the security of your loved ones. We value the elements that make up your life, because we value them in our own lives, too.

At Paradiso, our independent insurance experts truly understand the importance of the products we sell. Having the right insurance coverage means knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll still have the life you’ve earned. Even in the event of a disaster, you’ll remain in your home, send your kids to college, and enjoy a comfortable life with your loved ones.

Being protected against the vagaries of fortune is important to us. And as much as we want to keep our own lives intact, we want to help others do the same. We hope you’ll let us help secure your future and that of your family.

Your Questions Get Answered

Calling an online insurance agency to ask a question can be a hassle or even a waste of time. You’ll often have to call an 800 number, which usually also entails long holds, transfers to different departments, dealing with an automated phone system, or repeating your situation to multiple representatives. An independent insurance agent, on the other hand, is there specifically to explain insurance in simpler terms so that you can understand your options and coverage. 

When you call our insurance agency, you will always speak to one of our professionals. Your question, concern, or claim, will be taken seriously and handled as soon as possible. We do our best to always stay available to you, whether that be by text, email, or through our mobile app. Our goal is to accommodate you as soon as you need us.


Someone is Watching Out for You

You probably aren’t focused on your insurance at all times just in case something happens. However, to make sure you continue to have the best coverage, sometimes alterations need to be made. That’s where an independent agent comes in. We are aware of your insurance policy at all times and ready to alert you of necessary changes, like new discounts or insurance products. 

If you have upcoming issues or needs, it is our job to identify solutions as soon as possible. If your rates go up, we’ll call to review your application and then work to maintain the coverage at the price you need. At each renewal or whenever a change is made, there will be a full review of your policy. Basically, you have an expert with you at every turn working between you and the insurance company to make sure that you’re saving money and have proper coverage.

Your Records are Kept in Order

Independent insurance agents have the latest industry technology available to them. Even if you have several policies, your information can be stored and accessed quickly and completely. Independent insurance agents can help you create a home inventory to keep detailed records of your assets to keep them protected. Not only that, but we can keep a history of your claims and calls as well to assist you to the best of our ability. It’s easy for us to become familiar with you and your policy, and we can provide guidance along every step of your insurance journey.


You Have Options

Connecticut independent insurance agents represent many insurance carriers rather than being bound to the products and policies of one company. At Paradiso Insurance, we work with almost 50 carries and shop through those options with you to find the best price and coverage for all of your insurance needs. We can always display your options to you and help you understand each one. There are also a wide variety of insurance services available, including home, auto, boat, RV, and renters insurance, as well as much more! In the end, we save you money, because you’re only covered for exactly what you need at the best rate possible.

Having a Personal Relationship

In a world where you can shop, go to school, bank, and even order food online, it’s nice to have face-to-face interactions. At Paradiso Insurance, we take that a step further. When you buy insurance from us, you become our #1 priority and we treat you like family. Since we are a small business that operates here in Stafford Springs, we have the privilege of really getting to know our customers and community. 

This definitely helps with your insurance because we have the opportunity to truly understand you and your life. When we know about your personal needs, family situation, and your assets/estate, we can recommend the best coverage for your protection with confidence. We truly care about and want what’s best for you.