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Fall is here, and it’s a great time to tackle some of those projects around the house that you’ve been neglecting. It’s also a great time to start preparing for the harsh winter months that will be here before you know it.  As a homeowner, the best way to handle an emergency is to prevent it altogether, so we’d like to give you a brief checklist for fall maintenance that should help you prepare in advance.

Outside of the House

There are some things you’re going to want to either look for or take care of as our warm weather comes to an end. First of all, it’s best to trim all of your trees and shrubberies, especially if any are nearby the house. You can also repair driveway cracks, and check that all of your rainwater drains away from your foundation to keep it from getting damaged. You’re also going to want to drain and store garden hoses to keep them from freezing over outside.

There are a few other things to look at around your house’s exterior as well, such as ensuring that all of your windows and doors are properly sealed. You can caulk joints on the siding or around your windows or doors if they need an extra sealant. You may want to check for foundation cracks as well, and if need be, get them sealed up.  You can also check your window sills in case there is any water damage, and look for any signs of pest or insect invasion, especially around your foundation or if you have any wood around your house close to the ground. Other than that, be sure your railings and stairs are sturdy, and that your lighting is all working properly.

The last thing you’ll want to take a look at outside is your roof. You’re going to want to check if any shingles or vents are loosened, damaged, or missing. You can check up on the condition of your vents and chimneys to make sure everything is fully functional, and clean out all of your gutters accordingly.

Inside your Home

Now that you’re all set outside in your home’s immediate surroundings, let’s move onto inspecting your house’s interior.  You’re going to want to have any wood stoves or fireplaces checked and professionally cleaned to prepare for the cold months ahead. Not only that, but it’s also a good time to replace the batteries in and check all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Speaking of heating, you’ll also want to have all of your heating or cooling system’s elements cleaned out, and remove all of your window air conditioners before it’s too late. You might also want to consider changing the filters on your systems too, and take a look around to make sure there are no leaks.b Be sure that your plumbing is in check by looking for any leaks, draining or insulating any lines that could be prone to freezing over, and position your drains so that they won’t be blocked by snow or ice.

The last place you’ll want to inspect, and probably a spot some people don’t think to look, is your attic. First off, check around for any signs of roof leakage, and make sure your vent openings don’t have any blockage like a bird’s nest in the way. You can also check for any signs of moisture build up on the underside of your roof to make sure there is no moisture damage going on.

Ongoing Protection

These are our tips on making sure your home is prepared for the upcoming winter. Even though preparation is key, we believe in staying 100% free from worry by having the proper coverage. If you’d like to discuss a homeowner’s insurance policy, or have any questions about your existing insurance policy, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for one of our professional personal lines insurance agents.

Fall Inspection Checklist