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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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A shed is an important place for every homeowner to keep their tools, seasonal items, and hazardous material such as paint or gasoline.

However, sheds can become cluttered very easily, making it dangerous for your family and difficult for you to find anything. Here’s how to organize a shed effectively and keep it clutter free year round.

Tip #1- Keep your chemicals contained.

While items such as cleaner, paint, insect killer, and gasoline are most likely kept away from your home and stored in your shed, that doesn’t mean they can’t become hazards. Harsh weather, such as extreme heat or coldness, can cause aerosol cans to burst. Plus, rust, mold, and deterioration can occur over time and cause these products to leak.

To prevent this, keep your chemicals stored a heavy duty plastic bin. This way if something does spill or leak, it won’t contaminate your lawn or ruin your shed. For extra safety, make the bin child proof by drilling holes into the sides near the handle and place a padlock on it.

Tip #2- Get your tools organized.

Clear up some floor space by installing a wall rack for items such as, rakes, shovels, brooms, pitchforks, and other long handled tools. If your shed doesn’t have the wall space, consider creating a floor caddy to keep your bigger tools safe and away from feet.

For the smaller and miscellaneous tools in your shed, installing something as simple as a pegboard with hooks and brackets or a garden tool hanger can help to free up floor space. Plus, it will make finding a certain tool much easier.

Tip #3- Utilize simple hooks for items that can tangle.

Outdoor extension cords, rope, and hoses can become tangled and ruined when thrown astray into a shed. If you’re wondering how to organize a shed with tangled items, simply install a large hose hook either to the inside or outside of your shed.

Tip #4- Create a space for your power tools.

Power tools such as leaf blowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, and hedge trimmers are great tools for keeping your home’s property neat and tidy. However, they pose a serious risk of injury to others when left out. Be sure to have a space dedicated to these tools, preferably high up on a heavy duty shelf where younger hands cannot reach them.

Tip #5- Utilize old jars to stay.

This may sound like strange way to organize your shed, but you can utilize old jars to keep your shed tidy. Simply find an old mason or food jar that has a screw top, and nail the top into place on the bottom of the shelf. Next, take hardware items such as, screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and other hardware fasteners, and organize them into each jar. Finally, label the jar and put it back onto the top.

Now you won’t ever risk dropping or losing a screw ever again!

If your shed needs a bit of care this season, organize your shed by following these tips on how to organize a shed. Of course, your shed isn’t the only thing that needs TLC. If your home is starting to feel a bit cluttered and disorganized, check out our blog on organizing your home by clicking the button below.