• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Homeowners Insurance

For some CT homeowners, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy can  bring another phase of troubles that you previously didn’t know about.Since the weather seems to be creating more destruction over the past few years, many insurance companies have raised rates and even added new wind and hurricane exclusions and deductibles, so we are here to give you the tips you need so you can the full benefits of your CT homeowners insurance.

So what are you suppose to do? Well first, find your homeowner’s insurance policy and look at what coverages you actually have, and more likely, do not have. Take this for instance: After Hurricane Irene some insurance companies installed significant wind and hurricane deductibles into policies. What does that mean? Well if you suffer losses due to these occurrences, you could be facing steep expenses that are coming out of your pocket than you anticipated.  Furthermore,many insurers have “anti-concurrent causation clauses” in policies.  What is this? Well, if you have damage from both wind and flooding, where wind damage is covered but flooding isn’t, well you may not qualify for any benefits at all.

What are you to do then? Make sure you’re insured with Paradiso Insurance! We take care of our customers better than anyone else, and you’ll never find hidden exclusions like the ones explained.  You’ll know exactly what you’re covered for, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get the help you need! Stay tuned for more information tomorrow!