• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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While we’re all running around to prepare for our holiday festivities, today we’d like to take a quick minute to focus our attention on homeowners insurance.  Yes, I know it really has nothing to do with Christmas, but every now and then we have to chat about insurance related topics.  It’s what we do, can you blame us?!

So while wrapping the gifts and putting them under the tree and then prepping for the new year, we’d like to turn your attention quickly to CT homeowners insurance and how you can possibly lower this expense in the new year. .

1. Bump up your Deductible

In it’s most basic form, the more liability that you take on, the less amount you’ll pay in your premiums. So if you can afford the bump in deductible, do so and you’ll see some serious savings very soon.

2. Look into Bundling 

Think of it like your cable/internet/phone bill.  Chances are you saved money doing that, so why not try it for your insurance policies? You could save some dough by combining a few policies under one carrier.

3. Don’t Overdue it

Everyone wants to have full coverage and be completely taken care of in the event of a claim.  But remember that with some things like homes, market value and actual value are two vastly different things. So for example, if the market value of your home is $300,000, but the cost to rebuild is only $200,000, then you only need to insure it for the 200k.  See how you would thus be over-insuring yourself if you did the 300k?

4. Continue your shopping routine

Since it’s Christmas time, chances are you shopped around for some big items to ensure that you got the best deal, right? Well, same thing can happen with CT home insurance! The more you shop around and compare, the better policy and rate you’ll probably end up with- it’s as simple as that!


Come back tomorrow when we continue this great converstation!