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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Did you know that April is Month of the Military Child? This month was created as a way to honor kids across America who are children of active service members.

At Paradiso Insurance, we are incredibly grateful for our military members and their decision to serve our country. However, we know how difficult it can be on families, especially the children.

Stressful situations such as deployment, separation, moving, and other big changes can greatly impact a child, and it’s important for these kids to receive support at school, home, and from their community.

How can you celebrate Month of the Military Child?

Become more active in your local schools.

Whether you regularly attend PTA meetings, or make an effort to meet with your local principal, let your voice be heard. Share the need to show support to our military children in and outside of the school system. In fact, children of deployed parents have shown greater difficulties in school due to anxiety, stress, and sleeping problems. Therefore, it’s important that schools provide the resources and support many of these children need.

Influence other parents to get involved.

If you really want to make a difference in the lives of military children, encourage other parents to get involved. Not only will this benefit children who may have difficulties coping with a deployed parent, but it can allow military families to develop a bond and support each other during time of need.

Wear purple.

You can also show support for military children across the country by wearing purple for Month of the Military Child. Also known as “Purple Up,” wearing purple symbolizes all of the branches of the military and shows support for children of active duty service members.

Our insurance agency hopes you join us this month in celebrating the children of parents who are currently serving. They need all the support they can get! Help us give back during the Month of the Military Child!

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