• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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I think it’s pretty safe to say that living in New England, especially Connecticut, can be rather expensive compared to other states in the country.  But one of those costs that aren’t in the sphere of ‘most expensive’ is CT homeowners insurance which is good for all of us!

Now yes, even though CT homeowners insurance is still a pretty high expense, but when you compare the state’s average policy to other states in America, like those who are susceptible to hurricanes and tornadoes, you’re not spending nearly as much as families in those states.  It makes sense if you think about it, because we really don’t experience ‘natural disasters’ as frequently as other states and regions, with the exception of blizzards, but when the last time you heard of a total loss from a snow storm… my point exactly.

Like we said before, the states that experience the most natural disasters are generally the most for homeowners insurance so it should come as no surprise to anyone that the sunshine state comes in at the top of the list for most expensive annual premiums.  At $1900, Florida is the most expensive state for homeowners insurance, with Louisiana coming in at number two.  

The top five states on the list are as follows:

Florida- $1933

Louisiana- $1672

Texas- $1,578

Mississippi- $1,409

Oklahoma- $1,386

As you can see, the top two are perhaps the most at-risk states for hurricanes and numbers 3-5 are among the most susceptible to tornadoes.  And if you’re curious about the state that is the least expensive for homeowners insurance, it’s Idaho coming in at roughly $500 annually.  This makes perfect sense, since when’s the last time you heard anything occurring in Idaho when it comes to natural disasters? Yup, I can’t think of one either.