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Colorful playground setMost injuries on playgrounds occur when children fall. There are plenty of steps that can be taken to help kids avoid such common accidents. Kids are often oblivious to whatever is on the ground, as they focus on their games and other fun activities. It is important that youngsters be more aware of their surroundings especially when running, jumping, kneeling and crawling. Surfaces in the playground get slippery after rainfall, and it may take hours for the moisture to evaporate completely. Even when the skies clear up and the sun comes out after a light drizzle, caution must be taken because slick spots can remain on playground stations.

There are plenty of different items that may increase the risk of falls on the playgrounds. For example, loose beads and marbles can make kids lose traction with the ground and fall. Such items are very small in size, and they are difficult to see from a distance. Therefore, kids should be reminded to remove any necklaces, bracelets, and other removable jewelry pieces. Round candy pieces could also create major hazards for anyone who walks or runs on playgrounds. Children should not be allowed to bring bags of sweet treats to their favorite play areas. Additionally, loose pieces of candy often become sticky and hard when they lay under the sun. Glass bottles should be prohibited from playgrounds because they can easily shatter and cause cuts. Even in such rules in place, children should still not be allowed to run around barefoot. There is a high risk of being cut by small fragments of glass, wooden splinters, sharp plastic pieces, and other debris. Sandboxes ideally have smooth and soft sand particles, but there might be some hidden particles that can puncture right through a child’s feet, legs, hands, and even buttocks.