• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Homeowners Insurance

Yes, you read the title right: Snow and your roof.  However you may be thinking, ‘why are they talking about snow when there is none on the ground? Well as easily as the weather can be mild, like this week, it can turn on a dime and result in cold temperatures, and snow fall- lots and lots of snow fall.  So while we’re clear of the white fluffy stuff at the moment, it’s a good time to discuss preparedness and what to do if and when the snow begins to fall.

While there’s nothing white coming from the clouds currently, it looks like there may be some snow headed our way towards the end of the weekend.  So that means NOW is the time to make sure that your home, especially your roof, is in good shape, because you don’t want to have to file a CT homeowners insurance claim because your roof collapsed from a buildup of snow.  Not only should you attempt to clear large amounts of snow off your roof throughout the winter, but also make sure that your roof is in good standing order to begin with, i.e. like this week! A collapsed roof could happen to any one and result in a CT homeowners insurance nightmare. 

So what do you do then? Well below we have provided you with some safety tips in order to avoid a collapsed roof:

  • Don’t let water freeze in your gutters- nightmare city.
  • Roof rake are awesome and very reliable. They give you the ability to pull off the snow from your roof, but just be careful with them! We’ve heard some interesting stories about people burying themselves with the snow.
  • Make sure your ventilation is up to date because if not, it could go into overdrive, and thus jack up your energy bills.

    Let’s face it, you live in New England, and with that comes winter weather.  You need to be as prepared as possible, so don’t take anything that Mother Nature throws at you for granted! Clear off the snow from your roof before it collapses and causes your saving to collapse with it! Don’t let it happen, and make sure you have CT homeowners insurance with us!