• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Car on the street, covered in snow.Winter weather can pose some serious driving risks for those who venture on the roadways. However, knowing some important safety tips on how to maneuver your vehicle in icy and snowy conditions can better prepare you for when you meet Mother Nature’s wrath.

Stay Home
One of the best forms of defense for driving in hazardous conditions on the road is to stay home. However, if you have to travel to work or school, it’s best to delay your departure until after the snow plows and salt trucks have prepared the roadways. A fresh layer of salt or sand can melt the ice and make it easier for you to safely navigate to your required destination.

Tire Maintenance
Your tires hold the key to your driving safely, so you want to ensure that they are properly maintained. If you have a newer vehicle, you want to check that your tires are filled to the required pressure setting for your vehicle. If your car is an older model, you may need new tires for better traction against snow and ice.

Follow at a Safe Distance
Following the vehicle ahead too closely during inclement weather can cause an accident. Make sure to leave plenty of room for your car to safely brake in case the traffic in front of you slows down unexpectedly. You also want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, so you should plan on leaving earlier than normal.

Tools and Accessories
If you become stranded due to an accident, vehicle failure, or skidding, you want to have the proper tools on-hand in the trunk of your car. This includes a blanket, flares, shovel, sand, and fully charged cellphone. You should also ensure that your vehicle has a full tank of gas before you venture out when the weather is bad. This gives you the ability to run your car and keep the heat on until help arrives.