• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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To start your week off right, at least for today and tomorrow, we’ve decided to dive into some common misconceptions of insurance,namelyCT homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, when people invest in a policy, they don’t keep tabs on what specifically they are covered for. They forget about the specifics of the policy, and really don’t think about it until a loss comes around and they have to file a claim.  And this is where it really smacks them in the teeth, because so often people don’t realize that they don’t have everything covered by their policy.

Now we are all well versed in the very basics of a CT homeowners insurance policy, which provides coverage for the basic structure of your home, what’s inside your home, and any liability associated with the home itself in the event of someone injuring themselves while on your property.While this coverage is all well and good, every homeowner in Connecticut needs to be aware of what specifically is covered, and not covered, when it comes to a policy such as this. 

For example, water damage from a leaking toilet that goes unnoticed will be covered through your home insurance policy.  Also those pipes that may burst if we lose power during a winter storm… yup, that damage is covered too.  But such events like flooding from a backup in the sewer line will not be covered on your home’s insurance policy. More often then not, it’s these types of occurrences that happen most often, and unfortunately policyholders are unaware that they aren’t covered for the damage. But this is where an extra (or optional) policy comes into play.

Remember, as we just said, things can happen to your home that may not be covered under your CT homeowners insurance policy.  That’s why having a great relationship with your insurance agent is crucial, so that both you and they know exactly the type of coverage your home needs.

So what then should you do to ensure that your home’s fully, 100% covered? Well come back tomorrow and we’ll tell you!