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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Owning a home is one of the best experiences anyone can ever live through in their lives. The sense of protection, safety, comfort, and freedom provided by a home is not comparable to anything in the world. But with owning a home comes to greater responsibility of maintaining it throughout the year.

Why is it important to maintain your house? 

However, owning a house is not enough. If you don’t look after your house and play your part in its upkeep, over time, your home will end up drifting away from its basic essence. That essence is you. It is the homeowner who turns bricks and plaster into a space they can be proud of. Without performing the necessary duties required by the homeowner, your house won’t remain a home anymore. 

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Maintenance of your home isn’t a demanding task. Yes, it demands that you sweat a little and put in care in your house every month or so but beyond that, there isn’t much to it. A good way to keep up with your house maintenance is to go through it seasonally. Fall is around the corner, and this is a perfect time to get around with the horses’ upkeep. Here are a few fall home maintenance tips

Looking after your trees and shrubs 

During the fall months, it’s not advisable to plant new trees as growth is slow, and the roots may have trouble establishing themselves. The weather makes this a perfect time for you to weed out the trees and plants, which show poor health and prune your yards. Hiring an arborist for this is a good option. But, today, you can find all the necessary information on the internet too. 

Repairing the exterior 

The slight cracks in your walls, leakage from the ceiling, deteriorating foundations, loose panes, and everything in between; this is the perfect time to get them fixed. Once the winter hits, it will be almost too cold to perform these tasks. 

The gutters 

During the fall, leaves can get stuck in your downspouts and gutters. Once this happens, and they aren’t removed timely, you can face clogged drainage systems that can sabotage your walls, roof, and other foundations. Be mindful of this and clean out these drains once most of the leaves have fallen. 

Protecting the exterior faucets and pipes 

Shut off water to exterior faucets before the weather dips below freezing. Also, drain your pipes and hoses and store them inside because once winter hits, you won’t be able to save this equipment from freezing. 

An energy audit 

Performing an energy audit around the house will help you update your electronics’ records and shortlist the changes and upgradations needed for the winters. Adding insulation to the attic or beefing up weatherstripping can be some of the few changes required. 

Secondary cleaning 

Once you’re done with primary maintenance, you can get onto secondary maintenance. This includes; cleaning dryer vents, scheduling a thorough chimney cleaning, light fixtures, vacuuming, etc. 

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Happy fall maintenance!