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Summer may still be here for another month, but August usually rings in the beginning of the school year. It’s the time of year we shift our focus and schedules around getting the kids off to school, planning time around after school commitments, and finding time for our families.

That’s probably why you’re starting to stock up on back to school gear, but if you’re rushing to the stores for new supplies or clothes, you don’t need to break the bank.

Don’t worry about getting everything before the first day, either. Teachers will often send home a list of needed supplies during the  first week of class. However, you should still make sure that your student has some of the essentials before the first day. Here are our back to school shopping tips to help you ensure that your student has everything that they need.

A variety of school supplies.

Pencils- Whether your child prefers mechanical or traditional pencils, make sure No. 2 pencils are on the list. These type of pencils are needed for standardized testing. Just don’t forget to purchase erasers and some sort of sharpener to go with them.

Pens- Skip the colored pens – while your child may prefer them, many teachers prefer the traditional blue or black ink because it’s easier to read.

Calculator- Your younger family members may not need one, but many middle or high schoolers require special graphing calculators, so make sure to check the classes your student will be taking this year.

Lined Paper– Either loose leaf paper or a notebook will be required for any subject, so make sure your student has some to take notes or complete assignments in class if need be.

Index Cards– These will be helpful for studying and presentations. Many students use index cards to help them study for vocabulary or spelling exams. Plus, they’re extremely inexpensive.

Folders- These may be provided by teachers, but just in case grab a few so your child has a place to store their homework.

Finally, office supplies like paper clips, staples, tape, rulers, rubber bands, sticky notes, highlighters, or even an assignment planner may not be required, but they can help your student stay organized all year long.

Focus on the essentials and purchase the uncommon supplies later on.

New Looks

As your young scholar grows, they’ll probably need a few new outfits for the new year. Of course, it’s important to make sure the clothing you purchase is appropriate for them to wear. Many schools have student handbooks that outline restrictions on certain clothing, this is especially true if a uniform is required, so be informed before you buy!

Two children with stylish outfits.

Not to mention, if your child is entering middle school, they’ll most likely be participating in gym classes that require a change of clothes. These clothes will also have to be school appropriate and should include a comfortable change of shirt, shoes, and sports pants.

If you live in an area with seasonal weather, now is the time to invest items like umbrellas, coats for the fall, and boots. Additionally, many states offer tax free weeks before the school year. In fact, Tax Free Week here in Connecticut is August 20th to August 26th. So, make sure to take advantage of the extra savings before it’s over!

New Tech

Many retailers also offer great deals this time of year on computer devices. Moreover, something such as a laptop can be extremely beneficial to those in high school or nearing their college years. Between research papers and the rise of the online homework, it’s become a necessity for families to have connectivity to the internet and technology to meet those needs.

Of course, you don’t need to purchase a high end laptop or tablet, in fact, Google offers alternative tech called Chromebooks. These small and portable laptops offer users the functionality of simple application use such as, internet browsing, email messaging, and composing documents for an affordable price.

A laptop closing.

However, Chromebooks differ from typical laptops because they use Google’s apps and the cloud to perform most tasks. Users will also need to download applications from the Chrome Store, rather than install software normally like you would on a Windows or Mac OS. This means certain programs cannot run or work on a Chromebook, however, if your student needs it for simple application use this may be the best budget option, especially if they don’t have access to another computer.

New Structure

Of course, the school year can’t start off well without proper planning and organization. Make sure to have outfits and lunch planned out the night before. Get your younger kids into the habit of doing this on their own with the help of a chore reminder or using storage bins to plan out outfits for the week. This will make your and their lives a lot easier when the final week of summer comes to an end.

How do you and your family prepare for the new school year? We’d love to hear about your plans in the comments below.