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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Are you looking for the best motorcycles of 2018? Of course, everyone has their own definition of what the “best motorcycle” really is, so instead of just naming one motorcycle the best, we want to discuss our top five favorites today! Not only that, but we also wanted to make sure that our riders out there understand  how to easily get the right coverage with motorcycle insurance , and to make sure your new toy is properly protected. Without further ado, here are our insurance agency’s top five picks for the best motorcycles of 2018!


2018 Suzuki GSX250R

With a base price of only $4,865, this bike is perfect for someone who might be in the entry-level small displacement bike market. This bike is a mashup of several Suzuki bikes, including the Katana and GSX-R, and brings 25 hp to the tires (which may not sound like much, but it’s within 1 hp of being the best in its class). Not to mention, the GSX250R also gets 70 mpg in the fuel economy, and they’re easy to ride regardless of your experience. For our sports bikes fans out there, the Suzuki GSX250R is sure to pique your interest, and may be the best motorcycle out in your eyes.



2018 Kawasaki Z650

Yes, we are including one more sports bike to compete in the list for the best motorcycle out. The Kawasaki Z650’s base price is $7,000, and for good reason too. This bike shares the same engine and chassis as the Ninja 650, but is a 400 pound bike with strong midrange thrust. If you’re smaller in stature, this bike would make for a great daily rider, with a low 30.9 inch seat and easy handling. In terms of style, this bike is ahead of the game, and surely helped earn its spot on our list of best motorcycles of 2018.



2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

We’re heading back in the direction of the classics as we introduce this Triumph to the list of best motorcycles of 2018. In recent years, Triumph has been on a roll with developing their newer models, and this Bobber certainly fits in with their attention to detail. The parallel twin has 1200cc of displacement and sits in a unique chassis. Not only that, but this bike has 77 hp and 78 pounds/foot of torque – wow. Taking this bike out for a ride will feel like a luxury trip every time.



2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Alright, we’re on to the serious classics now. Motorcycle riders everywhere, rejoice, because the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob is a jaw dropper. It’s not often that the Harley-Davidson team takes to a complete redesign or re-engineering on their products, yet that’s exactly what happened here. This new bike is said to have “new school technology, with skip school attitude,” according to Harley-Davidson’s website. This bike has the Softail look that old Harley riders are familiar with, while bringing out the sporty ride of the  Dyna. It’s a perfect blend suitable for any sunny afternoon. Ride on.


2018 Honda CB650F

Lastly on our list of the best motorcycles of 2018, we had to include at least one Honda, and the Honda CB650F was a no brainer for making our list. With a base price of $8,250, this bike is basically a stripped down version of the previous CBR650F but with taller handlebars instead. The great thing about this bike is that it’s in the middleweight naked bike class, but has two more cylinders than the other bikes in its class, making it quite a viable competitor. Not to mention, it’s quite the handsome ride as well.


Protecting YOUR Best Motorcycle

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, everyone has a different definition of what the best motorcycles of 2018 really are. This list was just some of our insurance agency’s personal favorites, although we’d love to hear which motorcycle is your favorite in the comments section below! No matter what you ride though, it’s important to have the proper coverage on your motorcycle, so that regardless of what happens on the road, you’ll be covered. To get started with Motorcycle Insurance today, you can request a free quote online by clicking the button below, calling one of our professional insurance agents at 860-684-5270 , or by contacting us through Facebook.