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Is your child starting their first year of college? As a parent, you may be feeling excited and also a bit anxious about their transition from home life to independent living.

While it’s natural for your child to feel a bit overwhelmed by the transition from home life to independence, there’s a lot you can do to prevent them from becoming a homesick college student.

Encourage them to get involved.

College isn’t only about studying, in fact, it’s a great place for your child to make new friends and get involved on campus. Most colleges offer a variety of special interest clubs, community based activities, charitable groups, and other types of organizations that can help your homesick college student fit in and keep busy.

Involvement fairs also appear during the new year, and are a great way for your child to see what their college’s campus has to offer.

Inspire them to be more career driven.

While your child needs time to get settled into college life, if they’re feeling a bit antsy or bored, holding down a job can help them feel more confident about their independence. Plus, it’s never too early to have them start working towards experience that can help them in the future.

A quick trip to the career center can help them connect with their first job, craft their resume, or even find an internship.

Block out time for them.

Entering college can be intimidating and lonely for Freshman students, and as a parent you need to be there to support them through the process. You don’t necessarily have to be with them, but something like a quick phone call, text, or Facetime chat can help them cope with the stresses they may be feeling. Talking out problems instead of holding them in can prevent your child from becoming a homesick college student.

Make college life feel a bit more like home.

Whether you send them pictures of past memories or make the trip down to their dorm room with their favorite homemade dish, having a piece of home on campus can help your child cope with being a homesick college student.

Remind them to reach out.

Mental health is important, especially at college. If your child’s homesickness is severely affecting their studies and social life, it may be best to connect them with someone on campus who can help.

Most college campuses offer mental health services that can help students cope with anxiety, depression, or even offer guidance during difficult times. Remind your child to not feel ashamed or embarrassed if they need help.

Encourage them to attend live events.

Performances, sporting events, charity drives, outings, and even concerts are a great way for your homesick college student to feel less alone. They’re a great way to have fun, connect with new people, and sport college pride. Current college happenings can usually be found in student centers, libraries, dorm halls, and even online, so remind them to keep their eyes out for events that may peak their interest.

Homesickness isn’t the only thing college students face today, and in fact, many of them are unaware of the potential risks they will have to face once they leave home. To learn more about insurance options for your college student, click the button below.

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