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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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This past week Paradiso Insurance took a trip to Chicago for a FedEx Trade Show in Soldier Field. Hundreds of independent contractors and FedEx service providers showed up to learn about their options when it comes to insurance. It can be difficult to find the right agency to fit certain needs, and some companies don’t always handle claims well or aren’t FedEx approved.Meeting some great contractors at the FedEx trade show.

However, our insurance agency provides commercial insurance to Fedex Ground Independent Service Providers (ISP) and Contracted Service Providers (CSP).We want contractors and providers to be aware that we can provide them excellent service and fairly priced premiums to protect their business. Our insurance agency may not be a large company, but our specialized team can provide a variety of options and services to keep your business moving. Plus, we can promise you’ll receive a personable customer experience each and every time you insure with us.

It’s important to know you’re protected on every end of your business. That’s why our policies can protect a variety of incidents you may be liable for if something does go wrong. This includes lawsuit by a current or former employee, employee injury, auto damage claim, liability when using a FedEx Ground truck for non-business purpose, slip and falls, and more. FedEx ISP and CSP commercial insurance can protect you and your business.

Our R.E.D. Friday t-shirts at the FedEx trade show. Of course, our insurance agency doesn’t stop there. We want to connect to each and every person we meet on a personal level and that’s why we provided attendees at the show a chance to make a difference at our booth. In fact, those who stopped by could enter a raffle for a chance to win gift cards and a donation to their favorite charity. We love giving back at Paradiso Insurance and wanted to give others a chance to do the same.

Additionally, we handed out our free, patriotic, Flag Day t-shirts to attendees at the trade show. We believe that American pride should be alive and well in all of us, therefore, we wanted to share it with the numerous contractors and providers at the trade show.

This also gave us an opportunity to spread awareness about R.E.D. Friday, and why we wear red in the office every Friday. If you aren’t familiar with R.E.D. Friday, it is way for anyone around America to wear red clothing or accessories to show support for our troops. It was great to see so much support for our flag and country because we ended up running out of shirts before the event was over.

A banner for the Paradiso Insurance & Parcel Safety Program.

The trade show was not just a great way to share our insurance services with those who need them, but we also had the opportunity to connect with hardworking people who support and drive the American Dream. Are you a FedEx ISP or CSP in need of insurance? Let our agency work for you.