• Post last modified:November 3, 2022
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The Importance of Umbrella Insurance in the Winter

2014 has started off with an unbelievable chill, a cold front that’s taken the country by storm. Many homeowners and business owners are seeing their lives altered by just how freezing the last few weeks have been, whether it means increased electric bills or time off work. While many people have insurance, winter is a great time to bring up the topic of umbrella insurance coverage.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an insurance product that covers excess liability that your general auto, home, or business insurance doesn’t already cover. For instance, you may pay a certain deductible in the event of an insurance claim which then gives you coverage up to $100,000 worth of damage. But umbrella coverage will protect your excess liability up to a new amount that you define. It can be worth literally millions of dollars, all with only slight increases in your current premiums.

Why Do I Need Excess Liability Coverage?

No matter if you want excess liability coverage for your business, your home, or your vehicles, the truth is that it is an important product to have as part of your policy in the event of a disaster. This type of coverage acts as an umbrella to cover exorbitant costs that could cause you to go bankrupt. What would happen if a winter storm does significant damage to your home or totals your car, and your insurance does not cover the full value? Umbrella insurance protects you in situations like these, proving that it’s much more reliable than this harsh New England weather.

Our agents are happy to work with you to find umbrella insurance for your home or car, as well as excess liability coverage for your business. Don’t let another winter storm catch you by surprise – be prepared with the right amount of protection you need! Contact us today to get started.