So I think we can all agree that saving money wherever possible is right at the top of the list of important financial decisions.  Now, we obviously don’t want to sacrifice service or quality either though.  So that’s why when we talk about saving money, especially when the subject matter turns to CT homeowners insurance, we definitely don’t want to sacrifice our coverage in the hopes of saving a buck or two.

That’s why tips like those we have for you today is EXACTLY what Connecticut homeowners are looking for.  Because to be honest, the easiest way to save money on your ct homeowners insurance isn’t through altering the coverage itself- it’s through the customer’s habits and living situations.  Check out the tips below to see what we’re talking about:

  1. bundling multiple coverages with your insurance agency.
  2. Alarms and security systems, as well as simple fixes as smoke detectors.
  3. You limit your claims throughout several years, showing your insurer that you’re a safe home owner.
  4. Moved into a newer home? Chances are problems will be less frequent than in an older home
  5. New Roof
  6. Senior Discounts- doesn’t just occur at Dunkin!
  7. New Home= new customer… make agencies WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
  8. Had the same company for a few years? See if you can be rewarded for your loyalty
  9. See if there’s a deal through your employer… there’s always a chance!
  10. Shop around prior to your policy’s due date!

Happy Saving!