Since June is officially the wedding month, we’d like to talk about weddings for the rest of this week! Why not, right? So today we’re actually going to put the cart before the horse here, and talk about your CT insurance coverage and how it will cover your wedding gifts once the music has ended and the guests have returned to their homes.

Now hopefully you had an absolute wonderful time at your wedding, since it’s suppose to be all about the happy couple and a celebration of love and families uniting. And usually the happy couple is showered with gifts to help them get on their feet and start their lives together. With the amount of gifts that couples now get, you should probably be thinking about insurance coverage for all the new stuff. But do you need more insurance coverage, or are the gifts covered by your home or auto policy?

Well, if you have good homeowners or renters insurance, then your wedding gifts will be covered no matter where you chose to keep them, because technically they have become your personal stuff and property, just like your kitchen table or television.

So unless you get a brand new car, which would obviously require a new auto policy, or a fur coat that’s pretty darn expensive and would need additional coverage, your homeowners or renters CT insurance policy will cover all that nice new stuff that you have received from your friends and family for your wedding!