FedEx ISP and Independent Contractors

Latest News: February 2012: New ISP client was not allowed to start a new Work Accident Policy for himself. So, he had to be included on the Workers Comp Policy. Please call us for details on possible changes.

Latest Truck/Van Insurance News: When you have no coverage for Glass Damage (or you have a deductible higher than the cost of a windshield), it may be difficult to remember how many windshields you have to buy each year. Clients with No Deductible on Glass Coverage were surprised to learn how many glass claims they actually had in the last year.


As an ISP or Independent Contractor, you understand that you are not the average insurance client. The average insurance agent does not understand your policies, your needs, compliance requirements and what you go through on a daily basis.

Brian O’Connor and his team at Paradiso Insurance have a great amount of experience working with FedEx ISP and Independent Contractor clients. They work with the top insurance companies that offer Truck Insurance (Non-Trucking Liability/Physical Damage) and Workers Comp to FedEx ISP’s and Independent Contractors.

They know and understand compliance requirements and how to work with the compliance servicing company for FedEx. They understand the Inclusion/Exclusion/Work Accident Policy hurdles that only FedEx ISP and Independent Contractor clients need to deal with.

They meet with their clients and answer all of their questions. They handle just about everything during the switch so you can continue running your business. And, they are always just a phone call away. Mondays, Nights and Weekends seem to be the best times for appointments because we all know that absolutely anything can happen during a work day.

Brian O’Connor and his team have years of IC and ISP insurance experience which works to make the insurance quoting and switching process easy. You can benefit just like our numerous FedEx ISP and Independent Contractor clients have benefitted. Save money. Get the right insurance advice to better protect YOUR livelihood.

Call today to set up a one-on-one appointment with Brian O’Connor. Put his team’s knowledge and experience to work for you.

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“PA Ground Two is one of the leading independent contractor fleets in the United States. We boast an exemplary safety record for over 16 years. We obtained the services of Brian O’Connor almost one year ago and as far as services go, I have never been more satisfied with the detailed orientated, caring, and a cost-effective business in so many years. Aside from the reasonable rates, Brian O’Connor goes above and beyond the call of duty. His information is informative, prompt, and also constructive, tailor fitting each and every FedEx ground fleet in America. The claim process is second to no one, Brian and his staff are diligent above and beyond the scope of normal business activity. The transformation process from our old insurance company was professionally done, timely and with an excruciating attention to detail. The insurance company, that offers the Best In Class FXG Contractor Workers Compensation and Truck Insurance Program, is indeed an insurance company that instills old world values.”


Sunil K. Patel
President & CEO, PA Ground2 inc
“Independent Contractors to FedEx Ground