• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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While we know that we’re well into the twenty-first century, this new type of auto insurance for Connecticut drivers is really something special.  Furthermore, it’s an idea that needs the present-day technology to work, so that’s why we really haven’t had anything like it until now.    We now have the ability to finally put the debate to bed as to whether or not you really are a safe driver.  Those who claim to be a safe driver, yet you constantly see them speeding, aren’t safe drivers, they’re just lucky they haven’t been involved in an accident or had a run in with the law. We can prove you’re a good driver, or also we can show how you may not drive as much as other people, and thus are at lessor risk to get into an accident and a phenomenal CT auto insurance customer.


This new program is called Intellidrive, and it really is quite ingenious!  People who don’t use there vehicles as often as most of us are the perfect candidates for this type of policy. Another way of using this is to gather data on your car’s driving habits, especially if you have a young driver you you don’t quite believe that they’re following the rules of the road as closely as they portray.  Those new drivers often have a led foot, and now this will prove it.  So give them a stern warning that their recklessness on the road ends now, because there’s proof they aren’t going 65 mph on I-84.

So what does all this data mean? Well if it’s good, then you can end up saving quite a few bucks on your CT auto insurance because, just like we said before, it’s physical evidence showing that you not only drive less than other drivers, thus being lesser a risk, but that you’re also a safer driver who travels at lower average speeds with little instances of high acceleration or braking (thus revealing unsafe driving habits).  We at Paradiso Insurance are always looking for ways to save you money on your insurance coverage, without sacrificing coverage, and we believe that this program is a perfect example.