• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Woman in convertible car smilingIt’s very easy to get excited for your teenage boy or girl who comes of age at 16 and is now able to obtain a driver’s license in the state of Connecticut.  And while this is a big step in the growing up process, it’s also a huge leap in terms of the teens’ responsibility.  Prior to driving a car, they more then likely were not responsible for very much- the parents provided for the family and they simply went to school (ah the good old days!).

But now that they are behind the wheel of a vehicle, they have a new and very serious responsiblity to ensure that not only they, but anyone riding in the car with them, or those of us on the road along side them, all arrive safely at our respective destinations.  Unfortunately, this segment of drivers in the United States experience the most issues in terms of auto accidents, instances of distractions, and, of course, CT auto insurance claims. Now there are a host of reasons for this, but perhaps the easiest one to point the finger at is the overarching theory that they simply lack the experience on the road to react in a way that a seasoned driver might, and thus prevent an accident.

That’s why, on average, the addition of a teen driver to a ct auto insurance policy can boost your rates around 79%.  However, depending on the gender of your teen driver also plays a key factor in the higher premiums.  For example, if it’s a girl, then the bump is around 67%.  But if it’s a boy, then boy, I think you know where this is heading: that’s right, a 16 year old male driver can increase a ct auto insurance policy by as much as 92%.

Moreover, those of us that call Connecticut home can experience the higher end of the national averages of these increases.  The state with the biggest bump is New Hampshire with an increase of over 110%! The next highest state is Rhode Island, with an increase of around 107%.  If you’re wondering just exactly where Connecticut fell in the increase on CT auto insurance, it cam in forth at 102%… sorry.

Now while you pick your jaw up from off the floor, there is light at the end of this tunnel. How? Well every year that your teen counts another birthday (WITHOUT any auto issues), the premiums decrease accordingly.  For example, by the time they are 19 years old, that 92% increase shrinks to around 55%.

So if you have a new teen driver who just received their license, make sure 1) they are fully aware of the responsiblity that goes along with driving, 2) they NEVER drink and drive 3) NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE 4) check with Paradiso Insurance about how the ct auto insurance coverage will change!

Happy Driving!!