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The results are in! The best new cars of 2012 have been released from ratings giant Consumer Reports.  These reports reveal the best of the best in every category imaginable, so this could mean good things if you’re looking for a new car this year. Additionally, with the advancement of technology comes the betterment of safety features within the vehicles, as well as lower rates on your CT auto insurance.

Reported from Yahoo! news, Consumer Reports gives us the best of the best from this year’s vehicles in a variety of categories:

Family Sedan: Toyota Camry Hybrid $29,052
-with this size car and its 38 mpg, as well as its performance, this car simply can’t be beat.  Comfortable ride, quiet inside, and improved interior make the Camry a winner for sure.

Sports Car: Ford Mustang $28,880- $43,880
– there are few vehicles that have continued to exhibit American muscle like the Mustang has.  Fast on the accelerator and great handling, this is the sports car for you. 

Affordable Family Sedan: Hyundai Sonata $21,800
-how can you beat a sticker price under $22,000? The interior is large and comfortable, ride is smooth, and great visibility around, this is a great buy.

Small SUV: Toyota RAV4 $25,405- $30,328
– perfect combination of performance, gas mileage and versatility. The RAV4 remains at the top of the small SUV food chain. 

Family Van: Toyota Sienna $35,810
-the ideal hauler for any big family, whether shuttling kids to hockey practice or a family road trip, the Sienna’s massive room for eight and its solid fuel economy for its size makes it the best pick for any large family.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the remaining list of top 2012 vehicles that will be great on your CT auto insurance