• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Did you know that as of June of this year, new, more strict driving laws for Connecticut teen drivers were enacted? Well, if you didn’t, now is the time to keep reading, because your new teen driver may be breaking the law without you even knowing! 

As of June 3, 2013, the state government established new road laws for teen drivers aged 16-17, who are among the most as risk of all drivers on the road. These laws have been passed to make sure that these new, drivers to the road are paying full attention to the road, and not their cell phones, the radio, or other passengers in the car.  What many parents fall victim to though is that they are unaware of the new teen driver laws, and don’t even know their child is technically breaking the law.  Now, we’re not inferring that they’re driving 90 mph down the highway (hopefully not!), but they may simply be giving a family friend a ride to school, but breaking the law because of that.  How is that possible? Well here’s the new laws passed:

– new drivers with their licenses aren’t allowed passengers in the car for the first six months, and can only have one passenger who is either a parent or licensed instructor.

-Immediate family members are also allowed in that six month time frame, but that means no friends whatsoever.

-Under 18? make sure you’re not on the road from 11pm-5am because there’s a strict curfew.  Only driving from school, work, medical emergency, or religious activities are acceptable.

– NO CELL PHONES WHATSOEVER, in any way shape or fashion, until they turn 18.  That includes hands-free devices like bluetooth.

Taking all of this into consideration, parents also need to be aware of the fact that once their new driver obtains a permit, they must then be registered as a driver on your CT auto insurance policy.  This will make sure that if, heaven forbid, anything happen like an accident while your new teen driver is behind the wheel, they’ll be covered on insurance for any damages or liability issues resulting.  

The moral of this story is simple though: if you correctly teach your son or daughter the proper rules of the road and driving techniques through your own driving, then chances are they’ll turn out to be safe and responsible drivers as well. But if you’re talking on your cell phone and constantly changing the radio while taking the kids to soccer practice, then what’s stopping them from doing the same once they’re behind the wheel?  Set a good example! Not only will it save you on insurance premiums, but it may very well safe a life or two as well.