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The consequences of driving without car insurance can be unclear. Car drivers may not know what to expect if they’re involved in an accident and don’t have the proper coverage.

There are many penalties for those that drive without insurance. Still, it’s important to note that each state has different punishment regulations depending on the severity of the crime.

To provide accurate information about these consequences, we’ll examine one particular state: Connecticut. 

Consequences Of Driving Without A Car Insurance

Having no automobile insurance and being unable to demonstrate that you have it are 2 distinct infractions that may result in different penalties, depending on your state.

Penalties for failing to provide proof of insurance (while being covered) are typically less severe than those for driving uninsured.

You may face the following penalties if you’re caught driving without insurance:

  • If you don’t have insurance and can’t provide proof, you’ll be charged a penalty.
  • The license is temporarily suspended.
  • Reinstatement costs.
  • Your automobile will be impounded if you can’t pay the fee.
  • Jail time is a possibility.

Penalties vary considerably based on the number of infractions you’ve committed, the amount of harm you’ve caused, and the state where you’re driving. For independent contractors, car insurance quotes are a very important part of their job.

Penalties That Drivers Deal With When Driving Without Car Insurance In Connecticut

In Connecticut, you must have liability insurance to drive lawfully. To ensure compliance, the state maintains records of 3 separate cases: each with its own set of penalties. We’ve summarized them below.

Forgetting To Carry Proof Of Insurance On The Road

If a police officer approaches you at a traffic stop or pulls you over for a minor road violation, you must be able to produce insurance documentation. When asked by law enforcement, you must show either a valid insurance ID card or the policy’s declaration page.

Even if you have insurance, failing to bring it with you may result in a citation and a $35 fine for your first offense. Your second violation will cost you $50 and an appearance in court, which the court may decide at its discretion.

Driving Without Insurance

The situation is even worse when you have no insurance. A Class C Misdemeanor crime is committed if your license has been revoked owing to a traffic violation. The fine is $500, and the sentence may be up to three months in jail or both.

The DMV will suspend your registration and driver’s license for a month on your first offense. If you commit the same violation again, it rises to 6 months.

Failing To Maintain Insurance

You don’t have to be behind the wheel to get convicted of breaking Connecticut’s vehicle insurance legislation. If you haven’t paid your premiums, your insurance will terminate, and your insurer will notify the DMV right away. When your name is discovered in Connecticut’s registration suspension database, the DMV will send you a Notice of Registration Suspension.

If you choose not to fight this, the DMV may issue you a consent agreement. The consent agreement might be acquired through a policy or a Connecticut SR-22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility from your insurance provider. If you decide to go this way, you’ll be required to pay a $200 civil penalty.

However, if you haven’t surrendered your license plates for cancellation or transferred ownership of your vehicle within 30 days of receiving your registration, your registration will be canceled.

Penalties For Getting Into An Accident While Uninsured

If you’re uninsured or your insurance has lapsed, and you get into a collision, it can be a disastrous situation for both you and the other driver, especially if they don’t have uninsured motorist coverage.

Even if your car accident was minor, you might still be responsible for thousands of dollars in repairs and medical expenditures. In addition, uninsured drivers who harm or kill other drivers can face hefty fines, SR-22 obligations, and jail terms.

If you’re an independent contractor, getting into an accident without insurance could mean the end of your job. Many companies require drivers to maintain valid insurance and won’t hire those who can’t provide proof.

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