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One Valentine’s Day Gift That Never Goes out of Fashion

When it comes to Valentine’s Day your first thoughts may be something red or shiny, like flowers or a piece of jewelry. Maybe a pair of tickets to a sporting event for you and your significant other would also sound like a good idea. Of course these are all appropriate gifts for this special day, however they are just enjoyed for a moment in time. Imagine now giving a gift of a lifetime. One that not only never goes away but one that provides something more important than just temporary excitement. We’re talking about life insurance.

Yes we know, your initial thoughts on giving life insurance as a Valentine’s Day gift may not make you want to jump out of your chair and run to your insurance agent. However, if you take some time to consider what the gift of life insurance has to offer, you may just change your mind.

Buying Life Insurance for Yourself

Buying a Connecticut life insurance policy for yourself has a lasting effect on your family members when you are gone. Although the entire topic of life insurance can seem morbid, think about giving your family financial relief so they have time and space to grieve. You are providing them with not only financial support if something was to happen to you, but also emotional support in the sense that you will minimize financial burdens as they grieve.

Buying Life Insurance for Someone Else

Purchasing a life insurance policy for a spouse, for example, would ensure that you, the surviving spouse, would not go into debt due to the loss of your deceased spouse’s income. Compensation from the policy may go towards covering funeral expenses, bills, children’s education, etc. It is very common for spouses to take out life insurance policies for this reason.  

Your Options

When it comes to buying a Connecticut Life Insurance Policy, you have options. They are:

Term Life Insurance

  • Coverage for a specified period or “term” of your life.
  • Lower premiums and higher coverage.
  • Rates can change after the “term” expires.
  • No equity (cannot be used for cash value).

Whole Life Insurance

  • Permanent, protection for your whole life.
  • Can build equity and have cash value.
  • Higher premiums than term, but may be more valuable in the long run

We are also able to provide mortgage and even burial insurance options.

We know that a  life insurance policy may be a little harder to wrap in a pretty red bow and pair with a box of chocolates, however, considering what it can do for your loved ones may have you putting it on your Valentine’s Day wish-list.

Life insurance doesn’t stop at you and your significant other. There are many other reasons why you should consider buying a life insurance policy. If you think Connecticut life insurance may be something you’re considering purchasing, contact us, today!

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