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The weather is changing, and people need to start preparing for the winter. While we can’t control the conditions outside, we can create barriers to keep workers safe when they’re on their jobs.

Protecting outdoor workers from the elements of winter is an important part of keeping them safe. While most people are aware that working outside in extreme weather can be dangerous, they often don’t realize how much their health depends on proper protection.

Let’s take a look at some tips for protecting outdoor workers from the elements in the upcoming winter months.

  • Provide Them With Appropriate Clothing: The weather may be changing, but cold and wet clothing can still make people miserable and slow down work. That’s why it’s important to provide outdoor workers with clothing that keeps them warm and dry. 
  • Check Area Forecast For Next Day: If you know that the temperature is going to drop at night, make sure that the workers are aware of this. If there are any snowstorms or other weather events in the forecast, you can also let them know about this. 
  • Train Your Workers for Safety: It’s important to teach them about the hazards of working outside and how they can better protect themselves. You should also teach them how to give first aid treatment to injured colleagues.
  • Make Sure They Are Not Working When It Is Too Cold: Outdoor workers need to be aware that if they are working when the temperature is too low, they could get frostbite. If it is very cold, they should work inside. If they must work outside, make sure that they are wearing the right gear.
  • Provide Them With a Safe Place: Provide them with a fully stocked place to stay warm and dry and can spend a day or two if there’s a storm outside.
  • Check Your Vehicles: If you have delivery, logistics, or other vehicles, be sure they are ready for the winter season and have the right fluid levels. The last thing you want is the driver getting stuck out in the snow because of a vehicle breakdown.
  • Get Parcel Delivery Insurance: Yes, this may seem a little dramatic to some, but not to those who’ve lost thousands of dollars in paying for damages caused by the winter season. Your delivery trucks and drivers should be well-insured, so in case of an accident (which is common during winters due to slippery roads), you can pay for the injured person’s treatment and vehicle repairs.

Over to You:

Whether you’re a gardener, a plumber, a bricklayer, or any other service provider that has employees working outside, the cold and wet weather of winter can be dangerous for your workers. To protect them from the dangers of winter weather, it’s important to prepare for the worst and stay safe at all times.Be sure to act on the tips provided above and also get parcel insurance for your drivers to keep them and your vehicles safe when the roads are slippery, and the visibility is low. Contact Paradiso Insurance to know more.