• Post last modified:December 30, 2021
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Ice can be a real hazard. Especially if you live in an area that has frequent storms, the results of which are often visible as giant icicles clinging to power lines and other infrastructure. If you’re not prepared for this kind of damage, it could cost you thousands of dollars to fix your home or business after the ice melts. By preparation, we don’t just mean protecting your property physically but also financially via an insurance policy.

You should know that ice damage is one of the leading causes of home insurance claims. This is why every homeowner needs to consider whether or not their property is protected from ice damage under homeowner’s insurance? Read on to know for sure.

So, Is Ice Damage Covered by a Homeowner’s Insurance?

Yes, it is typically covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy, but not all kinds of ice damages are covered, and you need to refer to your policy’s fingerprint and look at covered perils to know for sure. However, some of the typical ice damages covered under homeowner’s coverage are:

  • Water damage
  • Fungal damage
  • Snow damage 
  • Roof falling due to ice weight
  • Frozen pipes
  • Ice dam damage

When purchasing your home insurance policy, make sure that you ask your insurance agent about the type of coverage you require and specifically ask whether or not ice damage is covered by the policy. 

What is Ice Dam Damage, and Does a Homeowner’s Policy Cover It?

Ice dam damage is defined as the formation of a small amount of ice on the roof, which can leak water into your property. This usually happens when there is a freeze-thaw cycle where the temperature drops below 32°F, then it warms up again.

The melting ice causes water to run off the roof, which then freezes to form a small layer of ice which is called an ice dam. This small layer of ice may appear harmless, but it can have serious consequences if you don’t have any protection for your home.

If you live in an area where the weather is prone to heavy snowfall, an ice dam is a real threat to your home, and it can cause water damage, mold growth, and even cause the roof to collapse. In addition to the damage that the ice dam can cause, other problems can occur with the formation of ice dams, such as:

  • The formation of ice dams can cause the roof of your home to collapse
  • Ice dams can cause water to leak through the roof of your home
  • Ice dams can cause water to accumulate on the floor of your home, which can lead to flooding
  • The formation of ice dams can also cause water damage to other areas of your property, such as the walls, foundation, and interior of your home

Most of the time, ice dam damage is covered under the homeowner’s policy, typically by the dwelling coverage under it, but read your policy’s fingerprint or ask the agent to know for sure.