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Protecting your Summer Toys

Protecting your Summer Toys

Did you buy some new toys this summer? Here at Paradiso Insurance, we all hope that our customer, clients, friends, and families all had a fantastic summer. For those of us who picked up some new toys along the way though, such as a boat, motorcycle, or ATV, you may be transitioning into the fall for the first time wondering about how you’re going to store your new toy. Although, our insurance agency has you covered! With these simple tips, transitioning from summer to fall is a breeze!

Storing a Motorcycle

The first toy we’d like to cover in transitioning from fall to summer is motorcycles for our riders out there. There is a quick checklist we’d like to run down in order to ensure your motorcycle is properly stored:

  • Top off the fuel tank.
  • Fill up all of your fluids.
  • Do a fresh oil change.
  • Conserve your battery life by removing it and trickle charge it until winter.
  • Be sure to apply a fresh coat of wax.
  • Pick a safe, dry, dark place for your bike to rest for “hibernation.”


Storing a Boat

Our next tip for transitioning from summer to fall goes out to our boat lovers. We have five quick dos and don’ts for storing your boat during off seasons:

  • Do: Be sure to clean your boat thoroughly. It’s important to keep your boat pest free, empty any food storage compartments, and throw away perishables that can attract rodents.
  • Don’t: Try to avoid storing your boat in your driveway. While it could save you money, it could be difficult to pull into the garage or park other vehicles.
  • Do: Try to rust proof any exposed metal areas on your boat. If you live in an area where there is snow or rain often, and your boat is in fact stored outside, rust proofing will keep your boat shining in the off season.
  • Don’t: Try not to rely on boat docks. While a dock offers easy access and keeps your boat on the water, docks don’t have the best security, or sometimes come with expensive dock fees.


Storing an ATV

We have another simple checklist for our ATV riders out there. If you follow these quick tips, you can ensure that your ATV will be properly stored this off season:

  • Do a full clean on your ATV, with soap, rinse and lubricant.
  • Drain the fuel tank, or add stabilizer for long periods of storage.
  • Tend to the battery with a battery tender.
  • Inflate all the tires to the proper PSI.
  • Be sure to do a fresh oil change, and change out the filter as well to be extra safe.
  • Cover your ATV, but don’t use plastic. Use a breathable fabric if possible.


Storing a Classic Car

For those of you who are familiar with our insurance agency, you know that we are avid fans of classic cars! For our classic car collectors out there, we have a special blog put together that will help you with transitioning from the summer to fall. To learn about how to store your classic, click on the link below!


classic car winter storage

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