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Managing employees not only takes a lot of time and energy, but it also takes specialized expertise that not every business owner necessarily has. In fact, most do not have business management training. When beginning a company, leaders typically concentrate on getting the company off the ground and push back the day-to-day demands of people management. For some companies, overlooking the HR strategy can be an expensive error. To overcome or avoid any error, here are some HR tips that will help get you more organized.

Know HR laws and regulations

Any small business should recognize the value of employment regulations. Comprehension of employment law is among the most relevant HR tips for small businesses. Regulations regulate any aspect of recruiting, maintaining, and firing workers, including factors such as pay, health, and protection. Without this rule, workers are subject to other problems such as safety and disparities in terms of salaries and work hours.

Get an employee handbook.

The employers should have an employee’s handbook, considering it to be your protection in the event of any conflict. The handbook has two essential objectives: to shield your company from any dispute and to let your staff know what you want from them. In the manual, detail the standards of your team and the basic protocols of the organization. Mandate each employee to sign it at the time of recruiting, and again every year afterward.


Hire and retain right talent.

During the recruiting process, several small companies recruit people in a rush and typically end up regretting the decision. So, before you start recruiting workers, take the time to determine what you’re looking for in an applicant. Then once you begin meeting with potential employees, you can ensure that they can meet the job requirements without any complications. It is also essential to focus on what matters most to your workers, such as salaries and resources to move forward. Create a fair pay program and appealing rewards plan. Work on building a healthy and inclusive community, where the workers can flourish and develop their careers.

Ditch the Paper

Many small businesses rely on home-grown, paper-based processes to monitor time and performance, handle schedules, and execute core HR-related tasks, such as recruiting employees. Small businesses should go for a paperless program that can help eliminate mistakes and encourage consistency and efficiency; it is recommended using technology-based approaches for these operations so that they can concentrate on expanding their core business. This can also conserve room, be backed up automatically, and be ecofriendly.  

Get a Good Attorney

Small companies may rely on a general corporate consultant or even a lawyer acquaintance to handle employment law matters; however, it might not be the best solution. Many facets of employment law are very complicated and oftentimes an experienced lawyer might be required. Getting a good lawyer will prove useful when errors happen, and problems occur. Getting a reputable counsel for your small business will help defend against complaints or other employment problems that are not within your jurisdiction.

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The Takeaway

At Paradiso Insurance we aim to help educate small business owners on best practices to avoid HR mistakes. We also recommend EPLI or Employment Practice Liability Insurance, for any business owner that has a payroll. For questions on your current business policies or if your looking to get a quote on a new policy, give our team a call at 860-684-5270 and we’d be happy to help!