• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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While Superstorm Sandy was about six months ago (yes, can you believe that was six months ago?!), new research has revealed some startling statistics about how small businesses in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey were effected by the storm. 

While the storm was in full force, most of the power to the region was down, and that resulted in some significant losses for business owners and claims on their Hartford business insurance.  Just how bad was it? Well a survey was conducted by The Hartford which took a look at businesses from Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York and how they were impacted by the storm.  A whopping seventy-one percent of small businesses lost power during the storm, and that means a significant loss in business operations.  Moreover, about seventy-five percent of these affected business owners had to close their shops for an extended period of time, and the average time it took to reopen was almost seven days! Now while a week doesn’t seem like a long time, with small businesses, one week without any business operations is like an eternity.

But what was also revealed from the survey is that businesses who were properly prepared for the storm, through setting up emergency communication systems and the backing up of precious data, were much better off after the storm than those businesses that weren’t prepared.  

So how can you, a small business owner in Connecticut, better prepare for emergencies and storms like these? Well stay tuned, we’ll answer that tomorrow!