An independent insurance agent is an individual that does not work for one particular insurance company We do not work with one insurance company,where as a captive insurance company (such as Geico,State Farm,Farmers etc…) only has 1 insurance company. Instead, we independent insurance agents sell insurance policies from several companies. Working with this type of insurance agent instead of an agent that is affiliated with a particular brand can be helpful. Here are some of the advantages of working with this type of agent your Local Independent Agent:
1. More Choices more Options you Win
One of the biggest advantages of working with this type of insurance agent (independent) is that you will have more choices and many more options. When you work with one insurance company, you will have limited insurance options available Yes only that one and that is not what is in your best interest. On the other hand, when you work with an independent insurance agent/agency, they can show you all the options from many insurance companies along with the different coverages from each of the companies. This will provide you with many options to choose from and it will ensure that you find a policy that will fit your insurance needs. Yes, the independent insurance agency wants to work with YOU and for you.
2. Save Money, Educate, and Work WITH You
Another advantage of using an independent insurance agent is that you will be able to save money in most cases. When you look at different options and choices, you can generally find one that is quite a bit cheaper than the rest-but let’s remember that insurance is peace of mind, so insurance coverages are first and foremost, and then after that comes price. The insurance agent will not try to make you focus on a particular brand or insurance company and will instead be focused on helping you find the best deal with the BEST coverage. We are all for saving you money but first we must educate you and allow you to understand what you need for coverages and be comfortable with that and then we head hunt for savings.
3. Unbiased Insurance Advice
Working with an independent agent can also provide you with much needed, unbiased advice. That advice is very helpful and in many cases very much needed to understand coverages and what is covered and what is not covered. When you work with only one insurance company, they will want you to believe that they are the best option for you in some cases it might be but in most times it is not whats best for you,because you need options and choices. In reality, you win with more options. Independent insurance agents are very knowledgeable about the industry and the different companies that exist in the marketplace in your state and or in your county. They have worked with customers in the past and have a good idea of which companies have the best track record when it comes to pleasing their customers and or being fair to the clients and those that are not as fair and are difficult to work with. They can narrow your options down and help you choose between the best insurance companies in the market who are offering the best insurance coverages for you at the best rate.
4. Help Assist You With Your Claims
If you have an insurance claim on your policy with your independent insurance agent, this type of agent will likely help you with the claims process and for agencies like mine who belong to the Professional Insurance Association, we have the ability to use the local association’s attorneys to review any issues for you and with you at NO additional cost to our clients . Since we DO NOT work for any particular insurance company, we do not have to go by the strict protocol that insurance company agents have to. Even though the insurance company will most likely send in an adjuster to look at your loss or insurance claim, you have an independent agent that will be working for you and for you. The insurance industry can be very complicated and there is a lot of technical jargon that is used which makes it very difficult for the average person to understand coverages etc…… If you are not familiar with how the process works and or never been through such  process, the insurance company can end up taking advantage of you and that is what we here at Paradiso Insurance don’t want for you. It is our job and obligation to watch over that. If you have a trained professional who is licensed and independent working for you, instead of the insurance company, you will get a fair settlement that puts you back where you were prior to the claim.