So yesterday we began the discussion that every young, twenty-something should have… health insurance.  It’s incredibly important to have yet is something you never want to use, just like any other typeof insurance- ironic we know.

So now that we have covered the key terms in our previous blog, you should probably know why they’re so important to you and your insurance provider as well.

1. Health CT Insurance can provide you the protection you need from unexpected health care costs. In a recent survey, the average cost of an emergency visit approximately $1000. For people ranging in age from 45 to 64 years old, the cost was significantly higher, well into the $1500’s. Having health insurance will cover you from these high costs.

2. Forgoing coverage may lead to your inability to afford expensive medical services.  Even the smallest exams, whether they’re a routine screening or regular check-up, can add up very quickly.  Without the annual suggested screenings, many people may miss the warning signs to something more serious down the road in the future.

3. Health insurance can lead to better overall quality of care.

This again has to do with the fact that when we are NOT covered, we simply do not attend ALL of the suggested screenings and appointments for us- simple as that. 

We understand that health insurance in general is a difficult and confusing topic.  With questions like, what type of insurance is right, how much can I afford and what is covered under my potential plan, where do you start?

Paradiso Insurance is here if you need us and our door is always open.