• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As some of us grow older and wiser, we are able to see the big picture in life and tend to evaluate each and every situation with acute and accurate detail better than those of a younger generation.  This maturity that only develops with age and experience can come with many distinct advantages, one of which being a different form of auto insurance called mature drivers insurance.

Unless you are a senior that poses a high risk to other drivers, your age and experience on the road can be a significant benefit with regards to your insurance policy. Consider the following reasons provided by dmv.org:

  • Seniors are some of the most experienced drivers on the roads. If we assume they’ve been driving for as long as they’ve been allowed to legally, we can also assume they have plenty of years of practice under their seatbelts.
  • Seniors are some of the most mature drivers on the road. Typically, they’re not driving with unchecked emotions because their first boyfriend broke up with them, they’re not rushing to get from daycare to work to the grocery store, and they’re not talking on the phone, texting, or challenging other motorists to races once the light turns green.

If you are a seasoned driver (usually over the age of 50), consider the benefits of researching a mature driver policy today.  Look into a driving safety course so you can become a certified mature driver and ensure yourself a better insurance policy.  Call Paradiso today with any other questions you may have on Connecticut auto insurance.