• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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business team standingThere is absolutely no denying that Americans are among the hardest workers in the world.  In fact, we work so much that we actually don’t take nearly enough vacation time compared to the rest of the world.  And one more thing- it’s not like the opportunity isn’t there… most workers who have vacation time don’t use all of it.

Now with that said however, America is one of the few nations that don’t guarantee paid days off- something that is standard in many other nations, especially in Europe.  In fact, almost twenty-five percent of workers in America receive no paid time off, according to one study.

This would definitely seem strange to our friends in Europe, as nations over there receive ample time off.  For example, France gets an entire MONTH off in paid vacation (31 days to be exact), same with Italy, and Spain is in that ballpark as well.  Japan is ten days and Canada 19.  Now you might be saying, “well I know lots of people that have two, three weeks’ worth of vacation every year.” And yes, while that’s the case, that’s specific to their company.  The 31 days in France is given to EVERYONE… there’s the difference!

So what does this have anything to do with CT insurance and us at Paradiso Insurance? Well, a few things actually! First and foremost, endless research shows the very real benefits of taking time off to recharge yourself.  Secondly, there are studies that actually point to improved job efficiency after a vacation.  And third, it’s healthy for you as well! God forbid you have some health issues that would result in a ct health insurance claim!