• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We hear it time, and time, and time again.  The best way to improve your health is to lose some extra pounds, eat right, and hope on the workout bench and/or treadmill.  And there are so many other benefits to being healthy besides simply what the scale says- you sleep better, you have more energy during the day, and hey… you look darn good as well!  But if you’re trying and trying to lose some weight or just get healthier and are struggling, maybe you need to try some other methods.

Which ones then, because we hear about SO MANY different tips and tricks about being healthier? Well, below are some great tips that we have found that have the distinct possibility of getting you healthier and improving your CT health insurance outlook!

Have a cup of Joe for a better nap.
Wait, did I read that right? Yes, yes you did.  It basically works like this… having a cup of coffee and then immediately taking a quick snooze for about 20 minutes works perfectly.  Why? Because the caffeine kicks in just as your waking up- so not only do you get the boost from the nap, but also the jolt from the coffee as well- a perfect, productive combo!

Want a smaller shirt size? Well put on the lbs!

Wait, what? Well, we mean muscle weight, not fat! Working out and lifting weights boosts your metabolism and the muscle burns your food much better, as well as looks a whole heck of a lot better than fat. Trust us, if you improve your muscle tone, you WILL look smaller/ healthier than with the same weight, but that weight being fat.

To control hunger, eat more

If you snag the quick snack, chances are you’ll be hungry again rather soon.  For example, grabbing a bag of pretzels may satisfy you now, but all it really does is spike your blood sugar, which then drops again very quickly.  It’s much better to have an apple with some peanut butter (even though the calories are higher) than grabbing the 100- calorie pretzel. You’ll stay satisfied longer and won’t eat as many calories throughout the day overall.

Man I’m hot from that workout- have a warm beverage, not COLD!
Studies reveal that warmer beverages actually cool your body better than cold drinks because the higher temperature of the beverage basically tricks your body into producing more sweat which in turn cools your body quicker.  So you may sweat a bit longer, but you’ll cool down faster! It’s amazing how the human body works!

Have a great weekend and a safe Halloween tonight!