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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Now that Christmas has ended, a vast majority of us are preparing for the new year, and if you’re planning to have a party or enjoy some festivities with family and friends, here are some New Year’s Eve safety tips you should take into consideration before you ring in 2018.

Stay in a Group

The biggest danger you can put yourself in, is by not being in a group. Whether you’re with family or friends, make sure everyone is together, especially in unfamiliar or crowded areas. If you’re with children, always be alert, hold their hands, and make sure they understand that they need to be with you at all times.

Additionally, if you or another member of your group doesn’t feel comfortable, go home. No one should feel pressured or feel afraid in a public area.

Homeowner Safety

Before you go out, make sure your home is secure. So, lock your windows, doors, and secure any fencing or sheds on your property. Leave lights on to trick thieves, and arm your home with a security system if you have one.

Of course, vandalism or theft can happen any time of year, but with the greater volume of people out or intoxicated, it puts you at a higher risk. So, be proactive before you go. Don’t leave without thoroughly checking everything!

Additionally, if you plan to keep the fun at home, be aware that you are responsible for anything that happens in your home. You could also be liable for property or personal damage caused by a guest, so be sure to review your current homeowners insurance policy with an agent to make sure you’re fully covered.

Drink Responsibly

This may be obvious to many people, but many forget their limit during the holidays- especially during New Year’s Eve. So, if you plan to drink, take it slow and understand your limits.

Additionally, make sure you eat and stay hydrated! Alcohol can make you dehydrated, so make sure you take a break to drink water during the night. Moreover, food will help you absorb some of the alcohol in your system and keep you satiated throughout the night.

Commute Responsibly

Finally, make sure you have a safe way for you and your group to get home. Whether this is through a designated driver, public transport, carpool, or a service like Uber, make sure everyone understands the plan beforehand, and never drink and drive.

Additionally, even if you’re not drinking, you’re still at risk. There are a lot of people out this time of year who unfortunately, do not obey the law or take the safety of others into consideration. Therefore, be wary of other drivers who may be under the influence. Whether you’re driving or walking, give yourself plenty of space, pay attention to your surroundings, and be proactive. Additionally, if you see something- say something. Police are out on full force on New Year’s Eve, so if you notice a vehicle moving recklessly all over the road- notify your local police because you could save a life.

So, have fun with family and friends, but please keep these New Year’s Eve Safety Tips in mind! What are your plans to ring in the new year? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.