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It takes time and effort to turn a house into a home – endless hours, countless sacrifices, umpteenth blessings. After all, we all love our homes don’t we? It’s the only place where you can be at peace with yourself, spend quality time with your family, make memories, and be truly happy. For a homeowner, their residence is a matter of pride and has deep sentiments attached to it. This deep emotional connection and the financial responsibility that comes with a house are the main reasons behind a lot of stress and importance being laid on its up-keep.

One of the most effective and highly sorted ways of protecting your home and its structure is through insurance. Homeowner’s insurance makes sure that your home stays intact and well within your financial and physical premise in the wake of any accident or emergency.

Through our experience, we have learned that most people hunting for homeowner’s insurance are typically quite confused. Fear not! We have put together 4 questions that will open the doors to your dreams of a perfect insurance with their answers.

Dwelling coverage – What it is and how it works?

The portion of your homeowner’s insurance policy that covers repairing or rebuilding your home after it’s damaged in in the wake of an accident or a covered peril – one such as fire. Dwelling coverage is basically the amount that you will be able to use through insurance in order to rebuild your house if need be. The best way to go about it is contacting a contractor or constructor to evaluate the costs that would occur in such a case and draw up concrete figures. After this, consider adding extended replacement cost coverage to your policy as this will raise the primary dwelling coverage of a basic homeowner’s insurance.

Deductibles – Am I in charge of them?

Deductibles are the out of pocket costs which one must pay in case of evoking their insurance and it only when the deductible is paid that your insurance kicks in to cover all that it includes. Depending on your particular insurance policy, you may or may not have a high deductible. Before buying your homeowner’s insurance policy, you should ask your insurer all about deductibles and how you would be able to lower them.

Do I know what isn’t covered?

This is a question that most homeowner’s look over and have to suffer in the end because of this negligence. For instance, damages caused die to floods won’t be covered in your regular homeowner’s insurance. Always make sure that you know what your insurance policy won’t cover so that you can make arrangements to protect all liabilities.

Am I getting the best offer?

Yes, insurance is important but that doesn’t not mean that you can’t get a better deal. Trust us, there is always a better deal. All you have to do is look in the right place. Before buying your insurance, make sure that you have scoured all the options and plans and are choosing the best ones.

At Paradiso insurance, we answer these questions and any other that you might have. Come see us soon and secure your future!