• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Ah August… summer is in it’s last full month but that’s not stoping anyone from heading out to the beach, on vacation, or holding family BBQ’s.  Before we know it, the kids will be heading back to school and the leaves will start to change their colors.  But one thing about August that all CT homeowners insurance policy holders should be aware of is that when the calendar flips to August, hurricane season officially starts as well!

Now while we all probably love a good thunderstorm during the summer months, I can’t think of anyone who enjoys hurricanes, because those storms are just plain NASTY! The wind, the rain, the flooding is enough to cause a ct homeowner insurance nightmare.  Just think about what Hurricane… I mean SUPERSTORM Sandy did to New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut only two years ago.  Sidenote, it’s pretty crazy that that’s going to already be TWO years ago!

In any event, the hurricane season usually lasts from now until around the middle of November.  But while November in our neck of the woods is usually when the snow starts flying, the actual hurricane season for us ends probably more around the middle to end of October.  Regardless of when one could hit us during the next several months, we should always be prepared, both from a CT homeowners insurance point of view, and a simple family survival one as well.

It’s a good idea to have the below items readily available in case a storm hits:

–food and water that will last you about a week

–plenty of batteries

–a radio to listen to weather or news reports (especially if there’s evacuation declarations)

–several flashlights

–an easy-to-follow evacuation plan that everyone in the house knows like the back of their hand.

On average, hurricanes usually cause around $2 billion in damage per storm! So make sure that you have all the essentials taken care of, like the aforementioned checklist, as well as what your CT homeowners insurance has you covered for.