• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Homeowners Insurance

I’ll be honest, there’s probably only a select few of us who truly read through our CT homeowners insurance policy word-for-word.  I mean really, who has the time to do that? But actually, it would be extremely beneficial for every home owner to take the time to read through their insurance policy, especially the home insurance.  Why? Well because it is chalk-full of  but distinctions that you may need to be aware of in the event of a natural disaster or other loss event.

At the bare minimum, we should all be aware of the items that are, AND ARE NOT, covered through your CT home insurance policy, especially during this time of year.  I know it was warm today, but there’s a calling for some snow this weekend.  That means we’re in a limbo time of autumn where we could either get hit with a hurricane… or early season snow storm.

But whatever the threat may be, you as a homeowner need to know the events you’re covered under.  For example, many victims of the Hurricane Sandy storm were out of luck when power outages were a result from flooding.  But if your home was flooded, and you had flood insurance, then you’d be all set.

It basically comes down to whether you’ve done your homework and know that you’re covered for everything that may occur to your home.  It sounds simple, but boy, can it be overlooked and ignored very quickly.